Lulu and Betty’s Christmas Surprise

I’m dashing in just under the wire for Susannah’s latest contest. It only seems moments ago that I wrote my Halloween entry and I hadn’t planned on writing a Holiday story as time is running away from me this month. But inspiration struck while grocery shopping in Trader Joe’s! So here is a sequel to Lulu & Betty’s Halloween adventure.
P.S I googled Chicken gifts as research for this story! And I checked if chickens could hatch eggs in winter.

Lulu and Betty’s Christmas Surprise

“Merry Christmas!” Lulu’s dad sang.

Christmas! Lulu sprang from her bed, ran down the farmhouse stairs, and checked her stocking.

Candy, clementines, socks, and a fluffy toy chicken spilled from her stocking as Lulu shook it.

“Breakfast before you open your presents.”

“Can I give Betty her present first, mama?”

“Okay, take the basket in case anyone has laid Christmas eggs.”

Lulu dashed to the farm. She knew Betty would love her present.

Hens roamed the yard pecking for bugs in the frosty grass.

No Betty.

“Betty! Where are you?”

Lulu checked the cow shed.

“Have you seen Betty?” she asked them.


Lulu went to see the goats.

“Do you know where Betty is?”


Lulu clutched Betty’s gift, where could she be?

She remembered the basket dangling from her arm.

“The coop!”

Lulu crawled into the warm coop.

“Betty! I have a gift for you.”

Betty showed Lulu what she was sitting on…

… a ball of yellow fluff that said, “CHEEP!”

“Oh Betty! What a wonderful Christmas surprise!”

Lulu looked at her gift.

“I guess you won’t need this now!”


Lulu tucked the toy chick next to Betty’s baby, “Merry Christmas, Cheep.”

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