Halloweensie contest: Lulu and Betty’s World Record

I love Susanna’s contests—the challenge this time was a Halloween story of 100 words including the words candy corn, shadow, and monster. 

Here’s my entry…

Lulu’s pumpkin overshadowed the vegetable patch.

“Time for the World Record weigh-in!” Lulu told Betty, her chicken.

Betty tilted her head… and went back to chomping candy corn.

Lulu embraced her pumpkin and heeeeaaaved….


Lulu scratched her head, “Why are you so light?”

Lulu tapped: hollow! And monster teeth marks blighted the squash’s skin.

“Noooo! I won’t win now.”

Betty pecked the deflated pumpkin.

“Perfect!” said Lulu, clapping.

Lulu carved for hours following Betty’s pecks.

On Halloween night Lulu and Betty’s pumpkin illuminated the town. And smashed the biggest jack-o’-lantern world record.


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