50 Precious Words: Cyclone Winnie

I’m loving being a part of the children’s writing community and taking part in fun contests like this latest one from Vivian Kirkfield.

Write a story appropriate for kids ages 12 or under, with a beginning, middle, and an end, using only 50 words. The title is not included in the word count.

Cyclone Winnie, by Christine Evans

Winnie was named after a cyclone.

She twirled everywhere.

“Winnie, you make us dizzy!”

But, at the baton twirling contest…

Her whirls fell flat.

Her twizzles fizzled.

Her twists flopped.


A gust!

A gale!

A storm!

Winnie pirouetted, spiralled, and…

twirled onto the winner’s podium.

“Winnie is the Champion!”


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