Baby’s first art: edible paint

Did you know that if you mix flour, water and a little food colouring you get baby-safe paint? Add a baby and toddler and you also get fun…

Baby-safe paint


Emily made the paint: she mixed the flour and water in a bowl (just add enough water to get a pancake batter consitency) and then poured it into the muffin tin. Finally she mixed in the food colouring.

It was fascinating to watch Annabelle – she knew what to do immediately and dipped her brush straight in the paint and then on to the paper. Surprisingly she only tasted her brush once and decided it wasn’t a good thing to eat!Baby-safe paint Baby-safe paint Baby-safe paint

Of course it wasn’t long before we were all covered in the paint! But it was very easy to clean up with just water and it’s all part of the fun.

Baby-safe paint

Let me know if you give this a try with your little ones!

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