Thoughts from the past

I just found these thoughts hidden in a saved draft that I never got around to posting. I vividly remember those days before Annabelle was born. There’s something magical about the anticipation of the arrival of a new baby (if you can forget all the discomfort of indigestion, constant bladder pressure and back pain that is).

Another month is upon us and a part of me wants the weeks to fly by so I can meet our new little girl but another part of me is wanting it all to slow down so I can enjoy the last moments of just me and Emily. It really hit me a couple of weeks ago as I was driving us home from an impromptu mummy-daughter lunch date that there wasn’t long left to enjoy the time of me and her alone. I started welling up in the car thinking about it. But of course we’ll still have special time together, possibly even more special. And I’ll be able to enjoy watching the sibling bond grow. As we put the double stroller together a couple of nights ago Emily declared: “I’m ready to be a big sister now!”. At least one of us is ready!

Big sister and baby sister cuddles
Big sister and baby sister cuddles


I can’t believe it was over a year ago. A post about Annabelle’s First birthday will be along soon!

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