A Gruffalo themed 3rd birthday party

Well better late than never. I am finally hitting publish on this post only four months after the event. It’s Annabelle’s first birthday in a few days but I wanted to get this one out in the world before I write up Miss One’s party (spoiler alert: it involves stars).

It feels like only yesterday that Emily was born but I don’t feel like I’ve been a mother for over three years already. I look in the mirror, see my 36-year-old self with silver hairs sprouting, and I still feel like a little kid dressing up and playing mummy and babies.

My Emily: you are so smart, beautiful and funny. You are teaching me every day how to be a parent. Some days I mess it up – I shout, we cry, we start again. I don’t want to ever stop learning about you and discovering new things about my girl who loves pink, trains, princesses, windsurfing, fairies, blocks, scootering and the Gruffalo.

On to the party.

There was cake.

Gruffalo cake Gruffalo cake

There was themed food:

Gruffalo party food

Gruffalo party food

Gruffalo Crumble

Gruffalo party food

And party bags of course:

Gruffalo party bags

We had a fabulous day!

Emily's 3rd birthdayIf anyone wants more details about any of the photos please feel free to ask in the comments!


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