christmas: craft stick tree ornament

I was going to make an advent calendar this year. One with a different activity for each day leading up to Christmas. But life has been too hectic lately and Emily is too young to understand it all anyway. Sometimes you just have to let things go.

Instead I have a little mental list of Christmas activities I’d like us to do together: drink hot chocolate, new PJs, a Christmas movie (or three), bake cookies, pick out a tree. And make decorations.

I have lots of memories of making Christmas decorations as a child. I have particularly vivid recollections of the meticulously detailed
toilet paper roll nativity scene I made one year. Crafting was a big part of my childhood and I hope it is a big part of Emily’s too.

This decoration was inspired by one by Happy Hooligans (a great blog you should be following).

Christmas tree ornament made with craft sticks and gems

Christmas Tree ornament

You will need: three craft sticks per ornament, green paint, sponge brushes, stick-on gems (or pompoms, buttons, sequins, stickers), ribbon, glue gun.

  1. Paint the craft sticks using the sponge brushes. Emily loved this bit of course.
  2. Leave the sticks to dry. Use a glue gun to join them together in a triangle (I did this while Em was napping).
  3. Then add your decorations. Emily loved selecting the gems and choosing where to put them.
  4. Glue on a ribbon and admire!


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