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The decorations are up at my local shopping centre and I’ve been finding myself humming festive songs while leafing through my Nigella Christmas book. There’s no denying it: ’tis the season.

My friend Lupin is having a Christmas link-up so I’m joining in the fun with this little tutorial to make a sweet Christmas toy for the young ones in your life.

The idea for the toy came when I was looking through pages of inspiration on Pinterest for “busy bags“. When you need your small person to be busy for a few minutes you hand them one of these magical bags which have a fun activity inside. They can be as simple as a yogurt pot with a hole in the lid to push pompoms through (one of Emily’s favourite things) or a more elaborate colour matching game.

The idea of this homemade Christmas tree toy is that your child threads all the pieces of felt onto the ribbon by pushing the button through the holes. I will let you know if it keeps my super-active ants-in-her-pants toddler busy.

DIY christmas tree toy (for a toddler busy bag)

Christmas Tree toy

You will need: green, brown and yellow felt, decorative ribbon, a large button, scissors.

  1. Cut out the following shapes from your felt: three triangles in green, one rectangle in brown, one star in yellow. The size is completely up to you.
  2. Cut slits in each shape for the button to fit through.
  3. Sew the button securely to the end of the ribbon and tie a knot in the other end (or you could put a button on that end too).
  4. Put the pieces in a bag.
  5. Variation: mini versions of these hung on a tree would be so sweet, you’d need to stitch or stick the felt onto the ribbon to secure it.

DIY christmas tree toy (for a toddler busy bag)

DIY christmas tree toy (for a toddler busy bag)

Important note: never ever ever leave a child unattended when playing with this or any other handmade toy. 

Go check-out the rest of the Christmas tutorials on Lupin’s blog right now!

I am ridiculously excited about Christmas (and a little trip we’re taking soon but I’ll tell you about that later) so expect many many more yuletide themed activities in the coming weeks.


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