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When we moved to America we knew we’d find it hard to leave our family behind. And it would be even harder for our family to miss out on seeing their grandchild regularly. Skype is amazing though and Emily really interacts with people on it now: she brings cups of tea for grandma, points out her nose when asked, waves goodbye and blows kisses.

Nothing replaces seeing them all in person of course. However I found this idea on No Time for Flashcards and I thought it would be a brilliant way for her get to know her family a little better.

Family Tree project: helping a toddler learn about her family

Toby’s overseeing the project in the background.Family Tree project: helping a toddler learn about her family

Family tree

If you would like to make one too you need: photos of your family, brown and green card, a pen, scissors, tape, green crayon (optional).

  1. Fold the green card. Cut leaf shapes on the fold so you can flip them open to see the photo.
  2. Stick photos inside the leaves. Draw veins on the leaves if you like using the crayon.
  3. Add the family members name to the front of the leaf.
  4. Cut out a trunk and branches from the brown card.
  5. Using tape (I used regular tape folded over to make it double sided) stick the tree and leaves to your wall. You could use poster board if you’d rather not use tape on the walls.

Emily loved it! She enjoyed finding Mummy and Daddy. Then we looked at other family members. Within a few minutes she said one of her cousin’s names for the first time and found his photo quickly. I’m looking forward to our next round of meet the family!Family Tree project: helping a toddler learn about her familyFamily Tree project: helping a toddler learn about her family

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