fun for kids: painted autumn leaves (and a real-life Pinterest board)

Emily loves paint. She likes to squish it and spread it and smear it. Until it dries on her hands and she freaks out. So our paint projects are usually short-lived! This time I thought I’d try using some different tools for painting and see how she found it.

She only wanted to use the toothbrush despite having other options available.

Painting Autumn leavesAnd she wanted to stand on the chair and rip her smock off. Sigh.

But then she did something unexpected. She voluntarily smeared the paint on her hand and started doing hand prints. There are no photos as by this point she was sitting on my lap and there was no way I was mixing paint and my camera.

Here are her finished hand prints.

Autumn leaves and handprints on brown paper

And I cut leaf shapes out of the rest of the painted paper.

Autumn leaves and handprints on brown paper

All you need to do this project yourself is: brown paper bags, red & yellow paint, anything brush-like, and some scissors to cut out shapes once it’s all dry.

Later on she helped me tape the prints to the wall and as she enjoyed this so much I suggested she find a magazine. She selected the Boden kids catalogue (as my friend said, she is so my daughter) and we tore out photos of all the “bay-bees” and stuck them to the wall. It’s a real-life Pinterest board.

Emily's real-life Pinterest board

We chatted about the pictures: where’s the baby with curly hair? what animal is on her shirt? where’s the polar bear?

And I mentally spent a lot of money on new clothes for Emily.

Emily's real-life Pinterest board

It just shows that some of the simplest things can bring the most pleasure (just like water). And the great thing is that this activity uses things you already probably have at home and were about to chuck in the recycling.

PS talking of Pinterest, see all my boards here.

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