our halloween 2013 (featuring an adorable ladybug)

I think I may have mentioned before how much I love this time of year. I love the crisp mornings, the cool breeze and the confetti of yellow leaves tumbling from the sky. But Halloween has never been a big part of Autumn for me. Until we moved to California and had a baby that is.

Ladybug Girl Costume Handmade Ladybug Girl costume Handmade Ladybug Girl costumeThere was trick or treating, a party, pumpkins and lots of candy (which Emily wasn’t the least bit interested in).

Her costume was all handmade. The wings are made of two layers of red felt with a stiff interfacing in-between. The black dots are cut out of sticky-back felt. I stitched the finished wings onto a onesie as I didn’t think she’d keep them on otherwise. Her skirt was made of tulle following this tutorial. I stitched it to her leggings as no matter what I did the weight of the tulle pulled it down around her ankles! Unfortunately nothing could be done to keep the antennae on her head (made from pipe-cleaners and pompoms) but mummy wore them instead!Homemade ladybug girl costume The adorable welly boots are from Kidorable on Amazon. Trick or treat bag DIY instructions here.

I wish I’d taken some “proper” photos of her in her costume. I will have to have a post-Halloween photo shoot and break out the SLR.

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