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We live in a rented house so we’re limited how much we can decorate it. Plus the nature of living in a rental is that it’s transient. How much investment should I bother to make to a space I don’t own? But we have a toddler. And toddlers have stuff. So I created a special space for Emily to play and create over on one side of our living room.

Toddler play area

Most of her toys are neatly corralled in the storage unit (although I’ve actually cleared out a lot of her toys and she doesn’t seem to miss them at all).
Toddler play area

To be honest the bead maze is mainly decorative, she’s not that in to it. Another toy to cull perhaps? Baby doll has vacated her bed – hopefully she hasn’t strayed far as she’s a huge favourite at the moment.Toddler play area

I’ve rearranged this area several times but I really like the layout now. Originally we had a table in the middle of the space but I moved it which has given us lots more space for playing. It’s now next to my craft desk (ignore the mess it’s in!). I have lofty dreams of us sitting next to each other creating our own art. That may be a while off but I’m looking forward to the reality soon.

Mummy & daughter crafting space

Do your little ones have a dedicated space to play? I’d love to see photos, leave me a comment and a link.

Details: The play kitchen, storage unit, table and chairs are all from Ikea. I got the Dr. Seuss decal from Amazon. The cushions/pillows are mainly from World Market.

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