a crafty life: september happiness

I love July, it’s one of my favourite months. It’s no coincidence that it’s also the month I celebrate my birthday. But it can be hot, too hot sometimes, and I don’t enjoy sweating my way through the day while toddler-wrangling in a house without air conditioning.

So I think September has my heart. It’s still hot here in California and the days are bright and sunny but the mornings are cool with the promise of Fall around the corner. So I think I can justifiably turn my mind to making snuggly quilts for winter, maybe trying to crochet yet again, planning slow cooker feasts and soups.

Here are six crafty things I’m looking forward to this fall.

  1. making Emily a quilt for her crib. Our house has no insulation and single-glazed windows so it can get pretty chilly overnight. Now she’s old enough to have a quilt on her bed I’m excited to make one for her.
  2. creating a Halloween costume. Last year Emily was an adorable owl. Of course last year she would also wear whatever I put her in, I have a feeling my little toddler might have some views of her own this year.
  3. getting arty with the toddler. Printing with apples, collecting pinecones and painting pumpkins.
  4. starting the Christmas gifts. Yeah I’m not sure how much will be homemade this year but it might be fun to turn a few pieces of Emily’s art into gifts for the grandparents.
  5. baking and cooking. It’s too hot to have the oven on much at the moment but as soon as starts to cool down I can get my cookbooks out, make soups and bake cakes and pies.
  6. darker evenings. There’s nothing like darker evenings to make me feel like crafting: snuggling under a blanket with a sewing or crocheting project. Or just turning the TV on which happens all too often after a long day of playing with our girl.

What are you excited for this Fall?

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