quick bites: packed lunches

I didn’t expect to be packing lunches already, Emily is still a baby surely? But she just started nursery (daycare) so two mornings a week I prepare a snack and lunch-box.

It’s hard to figure out what to pack for her. Today I sent a courgette (zucchini) and sweetcorn pancake (dinner leftovers), an organic cheese stick, blueberries and cucumber. And a couple of mini sweet potato muffins for her snack (I made a big batch last week and froze them). Other days she’s had a good old PB&J sandwich or a couple of mini omelettes. But I’m rapidly running out of ideas and this is only week three.

So I was excited to find this Bento Box gallery which I’m hoping will give me enough inspiration and ideas to last into kindergarten. Aren’t they amazing?


Of course once you enter the world of lunchboxes you discover there are as many ideas out there as there are lunchboxes. I’m also browsing momables, weelicious, 100 days of real food, and of course pinterest too gathering ideas.

I may have to start packing myself some cute lunches as I don’t see why Emily should get all the fun.

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