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Grab a (banana stained) cushion and have a cup of tea with me in my corner of the Internet. This my trillionth fifth blog since I first discovered the world of online journalling 8 or so years ago. I’m hoping this one might stick around longer my first that I deleted in a disastrous blogging accident in 2006. The other three are still in existence in some form or other. My most successful, 52 crafts in 52 weeks, documented my year of crafting a new project every week for a year.

So what have I told you about myself so far? I like to craft and write. And we’re British expats living in America – California to be exact. There’s a little person on the scene too: Emily the toddler who loves pinwheels and reading stories. And a husband: Ben. Oh and I can’t forget Toby, our nervous Yorkshire Terrier who adores the Californian sunshine.

I hope you’ll enjoy hanging out with me and reading about my love of craft, food, motherhood and all the bits in-between. Get in touch if you have any ideas, comments or would like to contribute your story. Pinwheels optional.

emily and pinwheel


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